Download olm to pst email migration app

Emails are a very convenient means of communication that are now in use widely by both individual clients and organizations. When it comes to using multiple emails, migration is the best solution for accessing emails between different email clients. This is true especially for the accounts that do not use similar or compatible email file types, for example, Outlook Mac and Windows Outlook. If you want to manage your Outlook Mac emails via Windows Outlook, therefore, you will have to change their file types from olm format to pst format in that order. However, olm to pst conversion can be fairly complicated, mainly if you are not using the correct email conversion tools. Often, such tools end up losing or corrupting your emails at some later stage in the process. Right now, the OLM to PST Converter is the best olm to pst email migration app that is stable, fast and accurate.

Enjoy a brilliantly designed software that can export olm files into pst for your entire database without glitches

All our emails contain an invaluable amount of information that can cause a lot of havoc if lost and this is why mail data security is a high priority no matter what tool you use. The OLM to PST Converter is the only tool in the market that not only migrates your messages but also other details such as calendar items, contacts and email addresses. This ensures that your entire Outlook Mac database is transferred and preserved as it were on Outlook Mac. The olm to pst transfer tool comes with Double Byte Character Support that is dedicated to saving all non-English content that may be in your email folders. As a result, all global users who interact in non-English languages such as Chinese, Japanese or Arabic can be sure that all their messages will be preserved in the most pristine state. In addition, all contacts are saved using Unicode support, a feature that processes about sixty address book fields so not even the least bit of data is lost.

The safety of your emails is the number one priority when converting olm files to pst

Users love this tool since there are several advanced features packed into it dedicated to preserving all your emails perfectly. It allows users to export multiple olm archives at a time. Therefore, firms that handle their clients’ emails will find it easy when dealing with large mailboxes. The OLM to PST Converter allows users to be able to convert large email volumes with just a few simple clicks. This tool can automatically convert olm files stored in various hard disk or folder locations on your Mac without having to put them all in one central folder. Moreover, all your pst files can easily be made more manageable by merging several small size olm files and address books into a single pst file and pst contacts folder respectively. Download the olm to pst converter software today using the free demo version and enjoy endless conversion.


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